The Author

Fred Wellings has worked as an investment analyst for over 30 years. After graduating in economics in 1962 he joined stockbrokers Phillips and Drew, moving to J & A ScrimgeourFred Wellings as Head of Research. In 1980 he joined Laing & Cruickshank, later Credit Lyonnais Securities, and there also went on to become Head of Research.

He was an Honorary Examiner for the Fellowship Exam of the then Society of Investment Analysts 1980-83, a Member of the Council 1983-86 and a member of the International Accounting Standards Committee on Extractive Industries.

In the "Continental Illinois/Extel" rating of analysts by institutions, Fred Wellings was consistently voted in the top three construction analysts through the 1970s and 1980s; he was No 1 in the mid-80s "Institutional Investor" rating of analysts by institutions; and in the Corporate Treasurers' survey of finance directors in 1984 (the only year the building industry was surveyed) was voted the leading analyst.

On his 50th birthday, he left the City to become an independent consultant with a range of construction-related assignments. These included accountants Robson Rhodes and housebuilder Berkeley Group, where he was a non-executive director and chairman of the audit committee from 1994 to 2003. He has written several book on finance and the construction industry and was awarded a doctorate in 2005 for his thesis The Rise of the National Housebuilder.

If you would like further information about these books you can e-mail him.

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