Bibliography of Banking Histories

Author :

Fred Wellings and Alistair Gibb

Out of print

Includes:Volume I: Domestic Banks

Year published: 1995
ISBN: 0 9526727 0 7
Price: 19.50 (plus 1.50 p&p UK only)

"Although there are various bibliographies of company histories and economy, there has not previously been a bibliography devoted to banking histories. This pioneering work will become an invaluable source book for students, historians and collectors."     Coin News

Volume II: Savings Merchant and Overseas Banks

Year published: 1997
ISBN: 0 9526727 1 5
Price: 25.00 (plus 2.00 p&p UK only)

"Such a bibliography has been long overdue ... banking is presented in its many roles and sub-divisions, and these are defined and analysed
with authority ... the second volume of what is destined to become a respected and reliable source book in the annals of bibliography and banking.
"     Dr John Booker, Group Archivist Lloyds TSB Group

"This is the standard reference book in its field. It has been put together with care and thoroughness and is far more than a dry listing of titles. The more it is examined, the more it is evident that the authors took much pleasure in its production and have great regard for the material involved."     Counterfoil

Set (Vol I and Vol II)

ISBN: 0 9526727 2 1

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