Forecasting Company Profits

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Forecasting Company Profits

"This book should be read not only by those involved in the preparation of forecasts but also by those who use them ... . This book is a welcome addition to the literature on corporate valuation and analysis, where books written by practitioners are rare"     Graham Fuller Chairman Institute of Investment Management and Research 1995-97

The author wrote this book after organising graduate training sessions for Credit Lyonnais. He discovered that there were no texts on forecasting which remotely resembled the work that he had been doing for thirty years as a top City investment analyst.

Forecasting Company Profits provides an integrated approach to the theories which underpin the forecasting process. This approach also recognises the limitations faced by the outsider in the real world where both time and hard facts may be in equally short supply. It lays emphasis on the patterns of industrial and corporate behaviour and the forecasters ability to recognise and anticipate these patterns. The first part of the book covers the industrial background within which the individual companies operate and part two moves the forecaster on from the industry to the company.

This book is the definitive work for all those who need to forecast the profits of a company other than their own, including investors, investment advisors, merchant bankers and financial journalists. It should also help finance directors understand how analysts forecast their companies' profits.

One of the key patterns
The S curve and new sales: a graph from the book
Going ex-growth:
the S curve and new sales

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