The History of Marley

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Fred Wellings
Woodhead Publishing Ltd
1 85573 159 2

"This is a workmanlike account of Marley’s history and a contribution to our understanding of a significant sector of British industry."     Business History

In the space of only a few decades, Marley grew from a tiny family concern making concrete roof tiles into a powerful multinational company, and one of the biggest forces in the building materials industry.

The book follows Marley and the Aisher family from their modest beginnings supplying local builders in and around Kent, to the formation of the revolutionary "supply and fix" marketing strategy which was to transform the roofing industry. The post-war search for new products was to give Marley an innovative role in the European development of plumbing, flooring and motor components as well as its role in the DIY phenomenon - in all cases drawing from US experience.

Through unrestricted access to Marley’s records - as well as many private family papers - and revealing interviews with many of the personalities involved over the years, the author has been able to paint an illuminating and concise picture of the company’s fortunes in an honest and compelling fashion.

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